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We are currently a virtual centre, bringing together resources for sharing information on mindfulness, nature connection and the natural environment.

Coming Soon: Celebrating (Bio)diversity Journey!


Dragon Mindfulness and Nature Connection is about living in harmony with nature in every aspect of our lives. At the very heart of our philosophy is the understanding that we are nature, not just a part of it but a living expression of it. By connecting with this as more than a concept, but as part of our lived experience, we have found that our lives are enriched and our motivation to foster a compassionate and respectful relationship with our environment increases.


Our mission is to help heal relationships with one’s self, other people and the rest of nature. As such, we have provided lots of free content. This venture is not about generating personal financial wealth. In fact, we wish to leave behind the growth-for-growth’s sake paradigm, instead embracing and modelling serving stakeholders through increasing wellbeing. We do have costs in terms of the fees we are charged for the various platforms and in honouring our time and skills.

We ask that content is shared only in the spirit that it is given – for the purposes of enhancing the lives of others (we would ask simply that the content is acknowledged – many hours of work and deep connection have gone into its creation). If you wish to use content within a fee-paying setting, please contact us to discuss. Finally, if you like what we are doing and are in a position to do so, please consider supporting us for as little as £5 using the “Support Us” button.

Our Aims

  • To help people and planet by helping more people to experience themselves as more than separate entities but as part of an interconnected, living whole
  • To promote and encourage nature connection as a benefit to human welfare and the environment
  • To provide nature connection and mindfulness learning experiences
  • To provide online learning materials covering mindfulness, conservation and nature connection
  • To support and promote access to nature for all but especially underprivileged groups
  • To provide a platform to connect champions of ecocentric living within communities
  • To facilitate values-driven living and empower individuals, communities and businesses to live and work in harmony with nature
  • To support and promote physical and mental wellbeing and to raise awareness

Our Values

We believe that our world is a better place when we are able to connect with ourselves, other people and the natural world.

  • Making a difference
  • Helping others
  • Embracing and celebrating diversity
  • Aligning with a higher purpose in service to people and the planet
  • Acting from fierce compassion and honesty
  • Tolerance and understanding

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Who Are We

Clare Snowdon is a mindfulness teacher and nature connection guide. She is co-author of Mindfulness for Challenging Times, Mindfulness for Transformation and author of The Mindful Nature Connection Journal. She is a physicist by profession but spends her spare time as a biodiversity champion and wildlife gardener. 

Nature Connection

Nature connection is far more than simply going out into a green or blue space. It is ultimately about experiencing ourselves as part of nature – understanding the interconnectedness of life through our lived experience. For many of us, we have become increasingly disconnected from the world. Our food comes in packets from a supermarket, we live in heated or air conditioned boxes, protected from the elements, but also facing crises with issues such as obesity and mental health problems. 

One way to discover nature connection is to take part in a natural mindfulness/nature connection walk. More information about nature connection walks is given in our blog.  

Contact us using the form below to find out about nature connection walks, online courses and activities or check out our Events page or the 4 week course, originally designed for people to follow during the Covid-19 lockdown, but suitable at any time or there is our 30 day nature connection challenge.

Visit our resources page for more details of places to find out more.

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