7 Steps to Heal our Relationship with Nature – Day 5

This healing work is deep and probably life-long. Although I am introducing the principles over a short course, in reality you will probably need to take much longer to really dig down into it and bring about meaningful change. 

I would recommend looking at one aspect at a time and possibly journaling, meditating or (my favourite) sitting in nature with it (or a combination of the three).

Here are the “values” I identified from nature again: 

  • Balance – ebbing and flowing
  • Sharing – not taking more than we need
  • Cycles – no such thing as waste
  • Constant change – impermanence of everything
  • Patterns – take what works and repeat and repeat and repeat
  • Adaptation 
  • Conserving energy and going with the flow
  • Future generations are of utmost importance
  • No hoarding – don’t hold onto what you don’t need
  • Everything has a purpose
  • Interconnectedness
  • The right thing in the right place

When I contemplate the first one, I recognise that my life has very few periods where I am allowing myself proper rest. Just recently I have been doing a lot of litter picking and I need to remind myself to stop and allow my batteries to be recharged by just stopping and taking in the beauty around me.

I could definitely do with writing an inventory of what I actually need compared with what I have. This includes my grocery shopping. I can also look at whether things can be reused or repurposed rather than ending up as waste.

The concept of constant change has been useful to me in terms of accepting and being open to change rather than hanging on to old ways that no longer serve a useful purpose. This is particularly true when it comes to some of the changes I have needed to make in my relationship with nature and particularly with things that help or harm the environment. On the flip side, anything that does work, I should repeat and repeat and share with others in case it works for them too!

Adaptation has been a really useful model. Whenever I am faced with a challenge or barrier, I am reminded to look for the opportunity to grow and adapt and to work with what I am presented with.

These are just a few examples of my own in the hopes that they will help you find your own lessons.

Activity: Lessons from Nature

You might like to journal on one or more of the lessons from nature above or to contemplate some of your own. Additionally, you could see what insights nature offers over time during your nature connection activities. One possibility is to invite the question during a sit-spot session. The sit-spot practice is described below.

Activity: Sit spot

Today’s invitation is to find a favourite place to sit in nature and just observe what arises when you get still and quiet. You could take a journal and some of the contemplations above and see what flows or you could simply sit in open awareness and just see what happens. I return to my sit spot in the garden regularly – sometimes every day. You can also do this sat at a window if you wish, although there is something particularly special about being sat outside. There is a video giving a little more detail here.

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