7 Steps to Heal our Relationship with Nature – Day 7

We are on the final day of the course. Hopefully this is the start of a journey for you (or possibly even a continuation). So let’s review where the journey so far has taken us.

We talked about what nature is, what our relationship was like at the start of the course and what we might want it to be like. We briefly explored values – both our own and what nature’s values might look like and how this can be a compass for helping us to decide how we want to be and understanding what might benefit nature in our relationship together. Then we talked about forgiveness, inner healing and recognising ourselves as nature. Throughout the course we have explored ideas about compassion and humility and giving service as a way to repair and restore.

We introduced the foundation stones for a healthy relationship with nature:

  • Gratitude
  • Connection
  • Perspective
  • Mindfulness
  • Understanding
  • Forgiveness
  • Self-healing
  • Compassion
  • Humility
  • Reparation

A final piece that nature teaches us is about community and interconnectedness.

Perhaps one of the most important messages is that we are not alone on our journey and nor can we be. We are dependent on one another. Our actions impact one another, so there is no way we are ever isolated. You may remember we talked about the disconnected concept of self earlier in the course. I think nature teaches us that this is a mistaken belief.

Our way of being ripples out into the wider world. Others see and learn and build on what we start, so even without trying to we are able to have an impact on our communities. Actually in many ways our way of being and our actions are far more impactful than our words. So the choices you make and what you decide to embody can bring about profound change. You might like to reflect on what you are bringing to the world and the communities around you. You could also consider what you would like to invite in to have impact on you. For example, I decided to change what I watched on the television and looked at online. It was not hugely conscious. As I took this journey, I found that I wanted to subjected a little less to some of the media. I now prefer quiet time away from the constant noise, where I can tune into different sources of wisdom.

Activity: Reflection

Take a look back at where you started on the course. What has changed? What have you discovered? Is there anything you have decided to change going forwards or commit to (perhaps to continue daily gratitude/nature connection practices)? What might your next steps be? Is there anything you would like to delve into in more detail? 

This course is intended to be something that you can walk through over and over, deepening your relationship each time you go. So a possible way forward is to go back to the start and run through it all again. Alternatively, you could pick a step that you want to focus on more deeply and start there.

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