7 Steps to Heal Our Relationship with Nature – Introduction

This is an online course, made available to everyone for free. However it would be wonderful if you felt able to make a donation in exchange for the time, effort, physical cost and resource that has gone into creating it. The donations are in aid of Friends of the Earth and can be made on my JustGiving page. It is important that everyone who wants to can access the course, so there is absolutely no pressure to donate if you cannot afford to.

Although you could complete the course in a week or less, you are welcome to work through it at your own pace. We have a Facebook group for sharing what arises for you, any thoughts, comments or questions with the community of people taking the course. 

The course covers:

  • Ways our relationship with nature may be broken
  • How it happens
  • Why it matters to have a healthy relationship with nature
  • What a healthy relationship might look like
  • How we go about rebuilding it

There will be plenty of discussion and suggested activities to try. The intention is to move beyond the unconscious and mental layers of operating and to work more deeply into the physical, emotional and spiritual elements; to transform what needs healing rather than pushing it away.

It is intended for anyone who has an interest in nature connection and helping our natural environment. 

There is an introductory video here.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions either through the Facebook group or by email to calliegs19@gmail.com

Day 1 is here

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