Chronicling a Climate Journey
Chronicling a Climate Journey – The Spiritual Fulcrum

Chronicling a Climate Journey – The Spiritual Fulcrum

29th October 2022

It is not easy to show up authentically as a spiritual person in a world that reveres logic and the mind-made above all else, but the crises we face are, at their core, caused by this spiritual disconnection. I am coming to understand that spirituality needs to play more than just a supporting role in what I share. That is not to say that I am suggesting any one worldview over another – Truth permeates all. There are many different, but still valid, pathways to it.

Each morning I pray, meditate and dance in ceremony. I listen deeply for guidance. What was offered to me today, I was asked to share.

“There is a path which carries no harm to anyone – the fulcrum – where you are living and choosing from your interbeingness and the greatest good is served.” (Yesterday Spirit shared with me the following insights, which may help to clarify this. I was told that we have to act from the fulcrum: “If we act outside of alignment with centre then we set things off balance – it doesn’t matter how good our intentions are. An example is climate colonialism – the intention is to protect wildlife, but it can be at the cost of the local or indigenous people. What matters is to act for the Oneness, to act from the Oneness and not in service to our own interests. Spiritual work is not about comfort – humans seek to make themselves comfortable, to do things that make them feel safe, but spiritual work often feels uncomfortable and challenging. It is meant to. Comfort is what our instincts encourage us to head towards, but sometimes this is not in our best interests (like eating lots of sugar) – if we are seeking comfort from a place that is out of balance, we can easily head way off course.”)


“We don’t need to figure out every conceivable pathway and consequence. We just need to come into alignment with our interbeingness and act from Oneness in every choice. We serve all, not just a few individuals.

“We are precariously balanced at the moment. The Earth’s systems will restore things to an equilibrium position. In one direction is runaway climate change and this is not conducive to life as we know it, especially human life.

“The other route restores us to balance that supports the many forms of life we share our planet with now, including humans.”


“There are those that will try to fight in the direction of runaway climate change (to keep the status quo). Don’t let them sway you off course. They have a simple choice – evolve or die – their way of life has no future – the planetary systems dictate that. There is no future for fossil fuels – not even so-called “clean” ones. The mindset that seeks such a thing causes untold harms – it is the mighty machine that eats through the Earth’s so-called “resources” faster than they can be replenished. You do not have the remaining “capital” to support this.

“Focus instead [of focusing on fossil fuel activities etc.] on coming into alignment with the rest of Nature.

“Tiny atoms coalesced into great stars [like our Sun], capable of influencing huge planets [and holding them in orbit], providing enough energy for all around. Be the tiny coalescing atoms – you are closer to reaching a critical mass than you realise.

“You don’t change the course of a river by digging and dredging – you do it by living in harmony alongside wolves or by introducing just one boulder in the right place and letting Nature do the work. Stop trying to do it all yourself.”

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