Connecting with Local Nature Introduction


  • Feel connected with nature & where you live
  • Cultivate a regular nature connection practice
  • Build connection with community (in-person/online)
  • Understand how everything is interconnected
  • Understand how your local space fits in to the bigger picture
  • Learn how wildlife gardening can make a difference
  • Raise awareness of Nature-Connected Neighbourhoods
  • Optionally raise funds for Nature-Connected Neighbourhoods
  • Bring together Nature-Connected Neighbourhoods community/build networks

Journey duration: 5 weeks (new content each Friday if you are following live)

At the heart of the ecological and climate crises are a disconnection from the rest of nature. We have come to a sense of nature being “out there” – often on nature reserves – and us being sheltered from it in our homes. For the first time, more than half of us now live in urban areas. This in itself does not mean that city dwellers have lower nature connectedness but it does mean that our wild spaces are becoming increasingly fragmented. This is a real problem, particularly in a time of changing climate and declining wildlife populations – they simply cannot adapt, move to new suitable habitat or find others to breed with. 

We can make a real difference by sharing our urban spaces with wildlife and by reconnecting with nature and starting to shift the way we think about it. That’s exactly what this journey is all about. Whether you already connect with nature in some way or if you have, like so many of us, become caught in the world of screens and indoor comforts, there should be plenty here for you to explore. We will be talking about ideas in ecology and ways to become familiar with different species, but the main emphasis is on connection and your experience. There will be plenty of invitations for you to explore, based on things we have found useful, but this is very much a journey that we are all taking together, which will also be unique to you and where you are. We hope that we can come together as a community, sharing our journeys, learning from one another and perhaps building a picture of where we are right now and a vision for where we could be in the future. 

Everything here is an invitation – you can work through some of it or all of it at your own pace or bring suggestions of your own!

We have created a safe space on Mighty Networks All the journey material is presented on the Mighty Networks group and we can introduce ourselves and share ideas and experiences or ask any questions. It is completely free of charge and hopefully steers clear of many of the problematic aspects of social media. 

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