We Are Family

We Are Family

We are increasingly becoming aware of the harms of our perceived disconnection from the natural world and of increasing polarization amongst our fellow Humans. Whilst we work hard to counter the effects of climate change, loss of wildlife, war and social injustice, surely we cannot fix these problems using the same mindset that created them. As a foundation, we need to recognise our Human and Wild kin as family and to cultivate and nurture these relationships with the same care, compassion and respect that we extend to our closest friends and family.

The We Are Family movement was founded to bring together people who believe that in healing these relationships we can tackle the root causes of the Nature and Humanitarian crises. Connection is the basis of empathy, understanding and peace. It is essential for physical and mental well-being and is the single most important factor in motivating people to operate in a more respectful, sustainable relationship with our natural world.

To recognise that We Are Family is to know ourselves as Nature, to operate from the perspective of partnership rather than dominion and to recognise and honour the gifts we offer and receive.

Over 2024 there will be posts with suggestions of ways to cultivate and nurture your relationships with yourself, with fellow Humans and with wider Nature in whatever way has meaning and feels nourishing for you. You will be welcomed to share your journey, your insights, stories and photos with our community. We will gather in a safe and compassionate space with like-minded people. There will be calls to action, but these are very much invitations, to take or to leave at your leisure. Please join us in a gentle, caring and non-judgmental community.

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